[SOLVED] Qt5.2: How to change popwindow icon to be different from MainWindow?

  • Hi all,
    I'm not sure if anyone has done this before but I have a MainWindow with some buttons of which when clicked will display another form. I am able to change the MainWindow icon using

    RC_ICONS = img.ico in my .pro file and by adding it to .qrc file

    but I would like to change the popup window's icon so it changes with different windows. Right now, the popup window is displaying the same icon as the MainWindow but I'd like to change it. I used this line but it doesn't seem to work.


    Please advise.

  • So other_img.ico is in root of disc (I assume that you're on some kinda of unix) ? Are you sure that other_img.ico path is valid ?

  • Yes both the icons reside in the same location

  • I mean is QIcon(”/other_img.ico”) valid ? And that "popup window" .. is it QWidget, QMainWindow or QDialog ? (asking because it works here with Qt-4.8.6)

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