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Qt 5 on ARMV8 and Windows embedded compact 7 (toolchain?)

  • Hi,

    I have an industrial ARMV8 board with Windows embedded compact 7 on it. I would like to write a small user interface for the system using Qt 5.

    Is there a toolchain for the combination (Qt 5, ARMV8, WinEC7) available or at least a tutorial how to set up a toolchain for this combination.


  • The procedure used for Qt 4 and Windows CE 6 (there are various threads in the forum) is what you basically need to know about crosscompiling for Windows CE and WinEC, there are differences but it's mostly about the newer toolchain.

    On the other hand, Qt5 does not support shadows builds (yet) and IIRC from Qt5 onward if you use QML you need OpenGL 3.x or superior (or at least OpenGL/ES 2 plus some extensions) or at least DirectX 9 (and ANGLE compiled for it to emulate OpenGL ES calls) .

    It's one of the reasons that where I work we have basically switched from Windows CE to Android for frontends, Qt5 runs a lot better on it (thanks to standard OpenGL ES 2 or up support since Android 2.2) and with some tweaks you can get a real "kiosk mode", too.

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