[Solved] QNetworkConfigurationManager always returns false in standalone package but not when Qt is installed.

  • As the title suggest I have a problem with the NetworkConfigurationManager which I just cannot grasp. I want my application to run on Odroid U3 (arm platform), and one of its tasks is to download some files, for which QNetworkConfigurationManager::isonline() is used to check the connectivity.
    Like the Raspberry Pi the Linux system is located on SDcard (or alternativly eMMC for odroid). I have created one image with Qt5.1 installed in order to compile and test the application, and here everything works perfectly.
    Now I have packed all the shared libraries and executable and put it one a fresh image without Qt installed. In this case everything works as it is supposed, except that the download functionality fails, because QNetworkConfigurationManager::isonline() always returns false, which I really don't understand. The Odroid is online - it has been assigned an ip and I am also able to get connectivity manually. As said, if I use the image with Qt installed there is no problem. The only difference between the images should be if Qt is installed or not - I'm writng should be, as there must be some difference I'm overlooking... As far as I can see all dependencies are met (and I guess if that was not the case, I would get an error).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards.

  • I found the problem. I was missing the bearer library from qtbase/plugins. A bit of a nasty error, as no errors are displayed and everything looks fine except that online connectivity is not possible.

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