QDrag snaps back to origin on OS-X

  • I am doing a UI where you can drag tabs out of a window to tear off a new window. On Linux, it currently works as expected. On OS-X it does work, but there is an annoyance. I drag the tab out of the window, set a pixmap for the drag, and let go at some arbitrary spot. On linux, I then spawn a new window where the mouse is. On OS-X, when I release the mouse, the drag isn't on a target that accepts it, so I see the pixmap whip back to where the drag started, and then the new window opens. How do I squash the behavior of the drag "snapping back" to the start location on OS-X? It really is quite distracting. I have tried digging through the documentation, but I haven't found anything that seems promising so far.

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    Sounds like a little glitch. What version of Qt are you using on what version of OS X ?

  • 10.8 / Qt 5.3 preview. I haven't tried building with other versions of Qt yet. If that's not expected behavior, I'll try building with 5.2 this week and see if it's a new/changed behavior in 5.3.

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    I would say it's not since you can e.g. drag a Safari tab out to create a new window from it without seeing that effect.

    If you can reproduce it with 5.2 you should go to the "bug report system":http://bugreports.qt-project.org and check whether it's something known. If not, please open a new report providing a minimal compilable example that shows the behavior.

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