Procedure entry point not found

  • I just finished a program in Qt Creator 3.0.0 based on version 5.2 (MSVC 2010, 32 bit) and I was pretty upset that Qt Creator didn't set static stand alone exes so I could make my program have an installer.

    I clicked the exe of my program and It said I needed about 10 dll's. After I made a new folder, put all the dlls inside, it said, "The Procedure entry point InterlockedCompareExchange@12 could not be located at the dynamic link library c:/test/program.exe." when i tried to click my program.exe to run it.

    I am new to Qt and I am looking for an easy to understand answer to how to make my program run and what that error message is. Thanks.

    I am using the MinGW compiler. Please reply

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    You can't mix MSVC Qt libraries with MinGW ones (that is, you need to use MinGW Qt when you compile with MinGW).

    Please consult the official "deployment guide": (see the "Shared" section).

  • Morgan Peters,

    as sierdzio said, if you compiled your program with GCC/MinGW, then you will need to ship the GCC/MinGW-based Qt DLL's along with your program. And if you compiled your program with MSVC, then you'll need to ship the MSVC-based Qt DLL's along with your program.

    And if you want a fully self-contained EXE file that does not depend on any external Qt DLL's, then you'll have to compile Qt yourself - as static library.


    BTW: I suggest you use "Dependency Walker": to find out on which DLL's your program depends exactly.

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