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Qmake frozen

  • Hello

    I have a strange freeze with qmake since today
    Each of my IDE ( VisualStudio 2012 & QTCreator) freezes at start.

    With ProcessExplorer I notice that it's seems to be qmake.exe. The process tree can't be kill :(

    same problem if I run qmake.exe from the command line. the cmd window can't be closed, and process "cmd.exe / qmale.exe" can't be kill.

    Note that the qmake are differents in each cases :/


    Any idea ?

  • Moderators

    This is certainly weird!

    Can you think of anything that has changed in your OS since yesterday? Any changes to PATH, newly installed programs, Qt version updates?

  • I think so, but no new software and no windows update since 3 days, That would be too simple ;)

    Same thing if I launch qmake.exe directly from explorer, process is still running, if I try to look the call stack, ProcessExplorer crashes

    the QMake.exe in "Android" folder seems to work fine

    I will try to reinstall the packages...

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