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5.3 RC and iPad

  • I've just tried switching my iPad project to use QT 5.3 RC but after I run QMake, my iPad device disappears from the option list in XCode.

    To switch to QT 5.3 RC, I go into Manage Kits->Build and Run and change the Qt Version from 'Qt 5.2.1 for iOS' to 'Qt Version for 5.3.0'.

    Is there something else I need to do in Qt Creator or XCode?

    (If I switch back to QT 5.2.1, my iPad device reappears in the XCode option list.)


  • I've just gone back to this issue.

    QMake creates an xcodeproj directory which contains the file project.pbxproj. Comparing the project.pbxproj files created for Qt 5.2.1 and Qt 5.3.0 I noticed that Qt 5.2.1 was setting SDKROOT to 'iphoneos' whereas Qt 5.3.0 was setting SDKROOT to 'iphonesimulator'. By manually editing project.pbxproj to change 'iphonesimulator' to 'iphoneos' (in four places) everything works as before in XCODE 5.

    I can now use Qt 5.3.0 on the iPad!

    So now I need to find out how to get QMAKE to output SDKROOT as 'phoneos' so that I don't have to re-edit after each use of QMAKE.

    Suggestions welcome.

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