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QT3D: Problem with picking mouse events from Item3D objects

  • I have noticed that there is probably a bug in QT3D QtQuick Viewport element.
    My simple application consists of Viewport and some Item3D elements (with 3ds meshes):

    @import QtQuick 2.2
    import Qt3D 2.0
    import Qt3D.Shapes 2.0

    Rectangle {
    id: root
    color: "black"
    width: 800
    height: 480

    Viewport {
        id: view
        width: 800; height: 480
        blending: true
        navigation: true
        picking: true
        camera: Camera {
            id: viewCamera
            eye: Qt.vector3d(550,550,550)

    Mesh { id: main_mesh; source: "meshes/object_main.3ds" }
    Mesh { id: first_mesh; source: "meshes/test.3ds" }

    Item3D { mesh: main_mesh; onClicked: console.log("Main object clicked") }
    Item3D { mesh: first_mesh; onClicked: console.log("First object clicked") }



    Item3D objects should react on mouse events.
    This works fine when I don't use mouse navigation (that is active in Viewport element).
    When I start zooming the view and rotating using mouse and next try to click on each object, there are some areas on the objects where the clicking is not detected.
    It looks like mouse event areas on the objects are not changed properly (or maybe are unchanged) during navigation the Viewport.
    I tried the same for the QT3D demo robo_bounce application and it has the same behaviour.

    Could somebody tell me if this is really a bug ?
    If yes could somebody point me what part of Qt3D source code is responsible for this behaviour ?
    I am thinking of fixing this, so if you point me where to look for the reason it will be very useful.


  • Can anyone explain how to use picking in qt3d 2.0 with the scene3d instead of viewport? As far as i know there is no property called 'picking'.

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