[SOLVED] QTableWidget: how to autoselect the near row?

  • Hi, I like to know how to make the near row autoselected after deleting an other row that can be the latest one or the first one on a QTableWidget?

  • What did you try already? When you delete a row, I assume you know the row number right? You can just store that row number, delete the row, and then select the row that after deletion has that same row number, or the last row if there no longer is a row with the given row number.

  • is there any possible method by using the designer QListWidget proprietaries.

  • No. The designer is for visual design, not for coding your application. You actually have to write a couple of lines of C++ (or javascript code, nowadays) once in awhile to make a working application out of your interface designs.

  • ok, i understand now, thanks. all right.

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