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Project builds fine with public binaries, fails with my own build of Qt. (5.2.1)

  • I'm trying to track down a crash in the EventLoop thread that occurs on termination, so I'm trying to build a debug version of Qt with source etc that I can debug and then fix (if necessary).

    I can build fine with the over the web installed version of Qt (this is on OSX) - but I get the following error when I build against the version of Qt that I built from the Src directory that came with 5.2.1

    Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: declarative quick qml multimedia

    Is there some other configure arguments I need to pass to get these modules included? Or an I not installing correctly? (sudo make install).

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    If you are using QtQuick 2, you do not need to include "declarative" module.

    To build Qt correctly, you need to download the tarball from Downloads page. You can't use the sources bundled with the prebuild installer, because they are not complete.

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