Loop in Qt when i call list of tables of database function

  • i'm use an Oracle database in Qt 5.2 with QOCI library. I can open correctly the database and i can view data from a table. Now i want view the list of tables of my DB but when i call the function:

    @QStringList tables=db.tables(QSql::Tables);@

    I dont view ui interface (loop??) and when i stop my app i view this error in exit:

    The program has unexpectedly finished

    Someone has used this function?


  • You should loop through your QStringList:
    QStringList tables=db.tables(QSql::Tables);
    foreach (const QString &str, tables) {
    qDebug() << str;

  • thanks for reply,
    I have same problem... freeze app and after i have error when i exit.. i use QOCI

  • Your QOCI in general is working, as you can open your database and list the content of a table.
    Does your app freeze immediately after initializing the QStringList?
    If not, can you see tables.size()?
    Have you tried to examine the step in Debug mode?

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