[SOLVED]User permissons problem

  • I use Qt Enginio 1.0
    I have next permissions settings:


    From code I created new user from authenticated StudentsCreator user.
    But the problem that I cann't to change admins for new user from StudentsCreator to created user.
    I use next code:

    @m_createdUserId = pEnginioReply->data()["id"].toString();
    QJsonObject user;
    user["id"] = m_createdUserId;
    user["objectType"] = QString("users");
    QJsonArray admins;
    QJsonObject access;
    access["admin"] = admins;
    user["access"] = access;
    EnginioReply* pAddMemberOperation = m_pEnginioClient->create(user, Enginio::AccessControlOperation);@

    In EnginioReply I recieved next error:
    @({"errors":[{"reason":"Unauthorized","message":"Access denied"}]})@

    What it means if I already succesfully authenticated by StudentsCreator and this user have admins permissions for changing access control permissions?

  • Please double check m_pEnginioClient->authenticationState, it is quite common mistake to accidentally de-authenticate client, for example by deleting the identity object.

    But I guess the real problems is that you need add StudentsCreator to object permission template, with admin role.

  • Thank you Nierob, the problem was in AuthenticationState - EnginioIdentity was deketed before operation;

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