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Efficient way to visualize a very long rich text using Qt Quick

  • There is one screen of the app I'm developing where I need to display a very long rich text (43Kbytes - 750 lines of 80 chars long).

    I tried with a simple use of a Text item inside a Flickable:
    @ Flickable {
    width: parent.width
    height: parent.height-signupView.rowHeight-acceptTerms.contentHeight-40
    contentHeight: fullTerms.contentHeight
    clip: true
    Text {
    id: fullTerms
    width: parent.width
    wrapMode: Text.Wrap
    textFormat: Text.RichText
    horizontalAlignment: Text.AlignJustify
    color: "white"
    but the loading of such configuration it's very very slow.
    With the app compiled in release it takes more than 10 seconds to display on iPhone 4 :-O :-O

    So, what it is the correct, efficient and fast way to display such long texts ??


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    Use native text rendering (it's a property of Text element, see the documentation), it can be faster.

  • The native rendering cannot be used (see the documentation ;-) )

    "On HighDpi "retina" displays and mobile and embedded platforms, this property is ignored and QtRendering is always used."

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    OK, that is bad news.

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