Include only partial data of the object reference

  • When I perform a query, I use the "include" option to add data about the referenced object. By default the Enginio server fill the object reference with all properties of the object.
    I want to restrict the data only to some properties and not to all.
    For example, in my case, I have an object 'objects.dattrait' that has a field called 'dat' that it is a user reference (point to 'users').
    Within the properties of 'users' object there are 'username' and 'email'. These properties are downloaded by the app every time I use the "include" option for 'dat', by I don't want include "username" and "email" because these two properties never should reach all devices.

    How can I do that ??


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    Partial object responses are not currently supported. One option is to move public user details to separate object type, example "objects.user_details".

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