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  • Dear all

    I have an small question, I am developing a scientific application in Qt that need a lot of ploting. So far I was going to use the QGraphicsView, QGraphicsScene, QGraphicsItem framework but then I see that there is a QQuickView, QQuickItem and my question is wether this is equivalent but using QtQuick.

    All the best

  • Hi epalmero,

    QQuickView, QQuickItem is part of QML & Qt Qucik component.
    & they helps to display QML user interface into traditional Qt widget UI.

    So if your planning to create your application user interface using both technology like QML & traditional Qt Widget UI then it will be usefull & if your not going to use QML at all in your application then avoid it completly as per my thought.

    I will suggest you to put few more information about your application like wise ,
    How your targetting performance wise?
    How your application UI will look like ( as like QML UI if you know QML already or as Qt traditional UI ) ... ?

    so we can probably give you better suggestion for your application....

    Prashant Moglaikar

  • Hi:

    Thanks for your answer. The performance in my application is critical so I need a component with very high performance.

    My application will have several panel inside the GUI that will show different data. In one of those panel I will need to use OpenGL directly (I will need to use shaders that I already have). In the other panel I can manage with the 2D drawing API but if I can use OpenGL that will be great too.

    Hope this clarify more and thanks for your help

  • Hi,

    I will suggest you will go for the traditional Qt Widget UI apporach.
    Reason is as Qt Quick is now a days growing component but not fully functional yet from QML point of view as day by day Qt Quick component will added from QML to use with in traditional Qt Widget UI but still it's going on. So as per you are plan for application with few mention above attribute you should go with Qt UI not for Qt Quick.

    Best luck for you application !

    Prashant Moglaikar

  • Hi:

    Thanks a lot for your help I will do as you said and I hope that to integrate QtQuick later on will be simpler. At the moment I plan to build a desktop application but I will then make a tablet one. I will separate the logic and the UI so I can reuse most of the things.

    Thanks again for your help

  • Your welcome epalmero !

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