Using "RegisterFileType" in Qt Installer Framework

  • I'm trying to create an installer that register a file extension. So I'm using the following commnad in my install script:

    @component.addOperation("RegisterFileType", "prp", "@TargetDir@/@ProductName@.exe");@

    But how can I provide the file being opened to my application? I didn't found anything in the "documentation":

  • I also would like to know how to provide an icon. The "registerfileextension" example do this:

    var iconId = 0;
    var notepadPath = installer.environmentVariable("SystemRoot") + "\notepad.exe";

    var isRegisterFileChecked = component.userInterface("RegisterFileCheckBoxesForm").RegisterFileCheckBox.checked;
    if (installer.value("os") === "win") {
                               notepadPath + " '%1'",
                               "QInstaller Framework example file type",
                               notepadPath + "," + iconId,
                               "ProgId=QtProject.QtInstallerFramework." + component.unusalFileType);
    component.addOperation("Move", "@TargetDir@/registeredfile", component.registeredFile);@

    But how can I provide my own ico file?

  • Ok. After digging a bit I found my answers.

    • How to provide the file being opened to the command in "RegisterFileType"?
    • '%1' like in the example above
    • How to provide an icon for the file being registered
    • The icon must be in "TargetDir" or it must be some default icon file.

  • Hi mcleary.
    Thank you for sharing this solution. It would be great if you add doc notes for that.

  • The registering works nicely for me with QtIFW 1.5, but is there a possibility to select my application as the DEFAULT application the file type is opened with? When an application has already registered the extension is stays the default application... :/

  • Thanks for this post and answer!

    Also interested in kiro's question.

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