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What APIs I shoul use to be able to manipulate network interfaces, start-stop wifi/hotspot

  • Hi guys. I want to create network management app
    I want to be able to access network configuration for each interface available, read and set IPs/Gateways/DNS on interfaces for static configuration or keep them dynamic, stop/start particular interface.

    Also I would like to be able to list WIFI networks, connect to particular network with all necessary WIFI configurations.
    As well as create mobile hotspot with necessary for hotspot configuration and monitor states of the hotspot and wifi connections.

    I was reading into QtNetwork 5.2, but looks like it capabilities is limited as far as network management, I don't see ability to start/stop interfaces, set IP/DNS etc...

    Ans actually I see nothing related specifically to WIFI, unless WIFI covered in some other module/plugin.

    Please advise.
    Thank you.

  • I don't have experience with management of network interfaces through Qt but your thread caught my attention and I had a look at the article about "Qt 5 Bearer Management": Are you familiar with this article and can it help you achieve your goals?

  • Checkout the API decoumentation from Google:
    There interface is straight forward, so it should be easy to call it via JNI. However there is not much to configure. I assume that the Hotspot stuff is not part of Googles API. You might ask the phone manufacturer for the API.

  • The Bearer Management classes are useless on Android. They support only Windows, Linux and Mac OS (see the compatibility box at the page bottom).

  • Thank you guys for input, as I suspected I would have to use system APIs in order to access WIFI/HS on my platform.

    Also looks like for all other interfaces Bearer Management is read only, I don't see anyways of changing properties of any interfaces.

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