Looking for a UX/Qt developer

  • Dear Qt developer,

    We're looking for a UX/Qt developer to work on an innovative software for stitching 360 videos called VideoStitch.

    The job is in Paris, France.

    The product

    VideoStitch is able to stitch any number of videos in real-time. It is, in some way, the "After Effect" of the 360 video. The 360 panoramic video are then viewed on device such as an iPad, Android phone or even an Oculus, which leads to an incredible experience.

    Hoes does it look like ? Go to "www.video-stitch.com":http://www.video-stitch.com to learn more about our products or just see some video on our "Youtube Channel":https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVideoStitch.

    Skills & Requirements

    This is the differents skills required for the job. The more you know about it the better.

    • Experience C++/Qt
    • Unit test and Squish UI tests
    • UI / UX skills
    • Multi environnement codebase with GCC and MSVC
    • Video and image processing

    If you've been working in the past on a image/video/3D based software, that would be perfect.

    If you have worked in Agile with continuous integration server and deployment, that's .

    You are fluent in English. French is better but not mandatory.

    About the company VideoStitch

    VideoStitch is a fast growing start up located in the business incubator of Telecom ParisTech, inside Paris. We develop high performance software with GPU technology in the field of panoramic video. We think 360 video is the next big thing in the video industry market and we are proud to push it forward !


    The job is in Paris, France. This is not a full-time remote job and we can't help you to get a working permit. So please consider it before applying !

    Interested ? Drop us a line at careers@video-stitch.com.

  • How much of involvement is required in terms of qt GUI developement for this project?

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