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Flickable ( ListView) contentheight is not fixed even if model is the same.

  • Hi ,

    We have a self contained minimal example that shows that even if all
    the list items are instantiated the contentheight keeps changing.

    To replicate the problem run the QML and see in log that the content
    height is not the same. The problem due to this is that scrollbars that depend on visibleArea.heightRatio property do not have a fixed height the keep changing
    while you scroll the contentitem.

    The example code is:

    Rajesh Kumar Mallah.

  • Just now discovered that the content changed during scrolling
    as the delegates were getting recreated and becoming visible.
    this is because the function was generating random text.

    even when the function was truned to return same output for
    same input the contentheight is giving different values.

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