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QMediaPlayer Android Gives NoMedia

  • Hello,

    Ubuntu 12.04, Qt5.2.1, Android

    QVideoWidget* ptr_videoWidget = new QVideoWidget(this);

    QMediaPlayer* player = new QMediaPlayer(ptr_videoWidget);
    QFile file("/storage/extSdCard/test1.mp4");
        qDebug() << "file not found";
    player->setMedia( QUrl::fromLocalFile&#40;QFileInfo(file&#41;.absoluteFilePath()));
    qDebug() << "mediasStatus=" << player->mediaStatus();


    Get this back:

    mediasStatus= QMediaPlayer::NoMedia

    File exists (however it is on an sd card, would that make a difference?)

    I do all this in the initialisation of the MainWindow.

    Working on the desktop it works fine, a video displays (change path obviously).

    I found another post on here where somebody had same problem, and they used Ministro to install. I have tried it that way also.

    Thankyou, Carl

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