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Qtcreator_ctrlc_stub: Command line failed: "" - my Qt application crashes

  • I have a Qt application that uses also Ogre3D and when I launch it, it shows correctly the main windows but after a while it crashes... the compiler output shows that:

    14:29:35: Le processus "C:\Qt\Qt5.2.1\Tools\QtCreator\bin\jom.exe" s'est terminé normalement.
    14:29:35: Débute : ""
    qtcreator_ctrlc_stub: Command line failed: ""
    14:29:35: Le processus "" s'est terminé avec le code -1.
    Erreur lors de la compilation/déploiement du projet Hydrop6 (kit : Desktop Qt 5.2.1 MSVC2010 32bit OpenGL)
    Lors de l'exécution de l'étape "Étape personnalisée"

    It is in French, can you understand?
    terminé = stopped
    Débute = Start
    étape = step

    I tried to execute a basic project "Qt application with widgets" and it compiles perfectly...
    Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem?

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    Since you are using Ogre3D, are you that it's dlls can be found at runtime ?

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