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Utility With Always Available Pop-out Windows GUI

  • I am new to Qt and my programming skills are somewhat rusty. I am trying to create a utility that is "docked" to the side of the screen. When you move your cursor to the screen edge where it is docked the utility GUI will open on top of whatever is there, even a full screen window. When you are done and click outside of the utility GUI, the utility window will close again.

    My initial experiments with the Qt 5 example projects have not gone too well. I tried both Qt Quick (QML) examples and Qt Widget based examples trying to modify them to open against the edge of the screen without success. I also tried a simple "Hello World" application but I am getting confused with which modules are QML based and which are Widget based. I was also getting OpenGL errors on one of my machines with QML so I don't know how may issue I would have when I offer my utility to the general public.

    I am hoping someone can tell me if what I am trying to do is even possible with Qt or do I need to go .Net.

  • You can make a window "topmost" by using the following window flag:

    The global cursor position can be obtained via QCursor::pos() function.

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