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[solved] Qt not working after install

  • Hi everyone well I did an upgrade from Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 big mistake its a battle to install any apps so I reinstalled Ubuntu 13.10 now have most of the apps except for qt it installed and starts with the center not filled out then turns dark and dissappears. Tried uninstall and reinstall, I'm very new to linux and tried to see if any blog online with this behaviour. How do I troubleshoot shure would like to learn using qt as I did some programing in c and basic and long time ago assembly with pascal. I used (Qt Online Installer for Linux 32-bit (23 MB) (Info)) to install and tried Qt 5.2.1 for Linux 32-bit (371 MB) (Info) also.

  • Does it generates some error messages in your terminal?

  • Hi, what's the Ubuntu you are working with? KDE? Unity? Did you install the 32-Bit Ubuntu? And - according to Steven's post - messages would be very useful...

  • Hi no error messages and the version os is Ubuntu 13,10 sauce salamander from ubuntu website also tried there new upgrade with no luck

  • What about messages in terminal? Run application from console, it should tell You something. Qt instalators are good for windows and Mac. On linux i prefer to install everything with package manager. Try to install Qt with apt-get.

  • If you start Qt in a terminal window, do you see any messages?
    Do you work with Kubuntu (Ubuntu + KDE)?

  • I just retried Qt and now it works, dont know what changed and if it should fail do i just enter name in terminal and how can i tell if KDE or unity in Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit this is new os to me.

  • Good to hear it works now!
    You may find some useful information on the Ubuntu derivates "here: ":
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  • Will do, Thankyou for helping, I'm at the mercy of more experienced programers as I would like to make small apps that run in Ubuntu like a calculator written in C or C++ using forms and widget any direction for me to follow?

  • Yes, I think the examples supplied with Qt are extremely useful and - of course - you are welcome to ask the forum again!
    Happy coding :)

  • [Solved] thanks to all

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