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Qt creator interface in not clickable from time to time, v. 5.2, mac, maverics

  • I have installed Qt v5.2 on mac 10.9. The interface of Qt Creator is not clickable from time to time by some unknown reason.
    For example New Project button on the right side doesn't react on mouse clicks at all, some part like Edit panel on the left side can be clicked from time to time, but typically doesn't react also.

    I installed it twice for check, reboot after every installation. Does anybody encounter with the same issues? Is there any way to resolve it?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Strange,

    I also have some minor issues, but never had this one...

    Issue i have sometimes on mac is that my mouse pointer is invisible inside QtCreator.

    If i move my mouse outside the MainWindow it is solved again, but annoying..

    I have this issue for a long time, i think since QtCreator 2.8 on Mac

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