Best way to have a custom style UI

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    I'd like to create an app with a unique style. I know some tools like Maya or similar use Qt and I'd like to have such an UI. I'm not sure wether to use QStyle or Styling sheets.
    Is any of these options going to die / to be deprecated? Wich option will give me the best results?

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    Much can be done with qss and they're definitely easier.
    QStyle is more powerful since you basically draw everything yourself, but that also means more work.
    Another way is to use existing style (like "fusion") and play around with palette.

    It depends on your needs. I would start with the easier solution and only move to heavier stuff if you can't achieve your desired look.

    As an example I have an app that uses a dark, kinda photoshop-ish theme. I use the palette approach and it's about 30 lines of .setColor() and a couple lines of qss for a little more detailed control.

    None of these will go away as long as Qt maintains widgets module (however long that may be), but none is also gaining any new features (though qss could very much use some).

  • I was always wondering how apps like EA Origin or, which are both Qt apps, do their completely unique style. Looking at the DLL's I think both are Qt Quick apps in the latest version at least, but I think EA Origin also uses Qt widgets for their layout and webkit stuff, hard to say.

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