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QML Styling

  • Sorry for the question, but we haven't found an acceptable solution for this or no explanation how to use a solution :-)
    What I know is:

    • Desktop module and the QML Styles (ButtonStyle, ...)
    • Cascading Styles, but this works for Blackberry only?
    • normal Qt CSS like styles

    The main aspect from my side is:

    • The change of a style must possible without change the code (like using another CSS file in HTML)
    • generalisation mechanism (i.e. if no special image exists get the default image)

    At the moment we use a directory based mechanism and control the usage be setting the import path to the used style. But with this solution we need to copy all files and can not switch to the default style if no special exists.

    Thats all for the moment, please can you point me to a good starting point.

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