[Solved] Slot is not recognized

  • Hello,

    I have a small problem with a slot, my connect doesn't work because
    @QObject::connect: No such slot ctrlMachine::MainForm::onAxis_error(QString) in .\ctrlMachine.cpp:94@
    I think that I have to find another way to write my slot, but I also tried with an object, without changes.

    @#include "ctrlMachine.h"

    this->connect(axisCamX, SIGNAL( signalError(QString) ), SLOT(MainForm::onAxis_error(QString)));@
    @#include "mainform.h"

    class ctrlMachine : public QObject {.....etc }; @
    @#include "mainform.h"
    #include "ctrlMachine.h"

    void MainForm::onAxis_error(QString msg)
    QMessageBox msgBox;
    msgBox.setInformativeText( msg );
    @#include "ui_mainform.h"

    class ctrlMachine;

    class MainForm : public QMainWindow

    public slots:
    void onAxis_error(QString msg);


    Ui::MainForm *ui;
    ctrlMachine *machine; ....etc };@
    Is "MainForm::onAxis_error(QString)" right in my slot? Would anyone know how to solve the problem? Thank you in advance

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    There are 2 issues with your connect() statement:

    You forgot to include the pointer to your MainForm object.

    You shouldn't write the "MainForm::" in front of "onAxis_error".

    this->connect(axisCamX, SIGNAL(signalError(QString)),
    mainForm, SLOT(onAxis_error(QString)));

  • On top of what JKSH already said, the MainForm class needs the Q_OBJECT macro.

  • Thank you for your replies! Sorry Zlatomir, the Q_OBJECT is already there, I just forgot to copy it.

    JKSH: Do you mean the pointer this? How can I add it to my MainForm? I don't understand

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    [quote author="silep" date="1397649969"]JKSH: Do you mean the pointer this? How can I add it to my MainForm? I don't understand[/quote]See the code in my previous post. There are 4 arguments (but your code only has 3). The syntax is

    connect(pointerToSender, SIGNAL(nameOfSignal()),
    pointerToReceiver, SLOT(nameOfSlot()));

  • Just to clarify there is an overload of the "old" QObject::connect function that takes only 3 arguments, if the slot is the defined in the same QObject class.

    connect(sender, SIGNAL(...), this, SLOT(...));
    // should be the same as
    connect(sender, SIGNAL(...), SLOT(...));

    As far as I know that only works for the old connect syntax, if you are using Qt5 with function pointers you have to use 4 arguments I think.

  • Thank you, it seems to work now. I thought that the pointer this replaced the mainform pointer, but it is not the case

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