Qt 5.2.1 Exes Segmentation Fault and Qml No Window System - How can I fix?

  • I have built Qt 5.2.1 for the Raspberry Pi according to the instructions at www.ics.com/blog/building-qt-5-raspberry-pi#.U05AJJUr3n3

    The build and install go fine. However there are two problems:

    If I run any example application (eg analogclock) on the target (built for rpi) I get a segmentation fault.

    If I run a simple qml script (as per the above build instructions) on the target I get Hello World in the middle of the screen, the screen is filled white but there is no window frame, no mouse and no keyboard

    I also get EGLFS warning messages about screen resolution.

    Does anyone know how to fix these problems?

    Many thanks


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