[Solved] QMainWindow show/hide

  • Hi all,

    In an application I am developing I have implemented a tray icon. The close action is overriden to minimize to tray and from the icon tray one can restore the window.
    I use hide() to hide the window when I minimize the window to tray and show() to make it appear again after the tray icon is clicked. It works fine but there seems to be a side-effect I don't like. When the window is shown again the window constructor is called executing a lot of code that should not be executed. Is there a way to avoid this?

    edit: By the way setVisible() has exactly the same effect

    edit 2: My bad, I forgot I had overriden the showEvent. Sorry for spamming with stupid question.

  • I'm using same thing here and there's no constructor calling after re-show - everything works as expected.IMO, without provided code nobody can help you in this case.
    btw. I'm talking about linux (x11).

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