My laptop as a router/modem

  • Hi friends.

    Suppose my system ( is in a LAN. In the LAN there are 2 other systems ( as a system & as a modem).

    In my project, I need to route the packet between & Note that I can receive packets that there destinations are or

    How to do?
    Is there any registry value or sth like this to do?

    Thanks a lot.
    Ya Ali.

  • A LAN with three devices on those addresses would typically have a network mask that permitted and to talk to each other directly: no routing required. Unless you have an atypical network and your system is multi-homed, i.e. multiple network interfaces on different networks, then it will not be a router.

    What exactly are you trying to do? Why does it have anything to do with Qt?

  • Hello dear ChrisW67.
    Thanks for your response.

    I have a project. In this project, I must be a Man In The Middle!
    I can receive the packet that destined to or

    In other words, I want to create an application like as cain & abel using Qt.

  • Hi, you use the same technique that Cain and Abel does on your LAN (or viruses for Xbox or PC do) it's called "ARP Spoofing":

  • Hi dear hskoglund.
    Yes. I can receive packets from that is destined to & vice versa. But I dont know how to roue this packets that everything appears normal for 2 victim systems.
    (Excuse my English writing is not good)

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