Placing the text in proper poistions on QTableWidgetItem

  • I am trying to add some text on QTableWidgetItem by appropriately adding some spaces, to have a better visibility.

    on the terminal the spacing looks perfect , but not the table.
    the string len is falling in the range only...

    please let me know how to do it correctly...
    char eveinfo[80];
    QString eventInfo;

    memset(eveinfo,' ',80*sizeof(char));
    strncpy(eveinfo, (const char *)event_list[row].event_name,strlen((const char )event_list[row].event_name));
    strncpy(&eveinfo[70], actdate,strlen(actdate));
    eventInfo = eveinfo
    // eventInfo = QString::fromUtf16((ushort
    )(eveinfo)); This is giving garbages
    table->setItem(row,1,new QTableWidgetItem(eventInfo));


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    Why don't you just use QString ?

    @QString eventInfo = QString("%1 to %2 %3).arg(starttime).arg(endtime).arg(actdate);@

  • Can you please write it correctly i am getting same string as out put instead of its value..

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    Can you show what you except to have ?

  • my problem is that i want to set text on a QTableWidgetItem with proper allignment , thats the reason i am using all that memset and strncpy setup, but when displaying the text is not aligned.

    i want to know just assigning from char [] to QString works correct or gives any problem, as i am facing problem with spaces.

    please let me know how to convert char [] to Qstring properly

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    I understood your problem. What I would like to have is a concrete example of that alignment you are talking about so I may help you implement it.

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