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Artifact repository

  • Our site develops a QT app (in C++). We are looking long range at beefing up our tooling, and we are taking a hard look at what artifact repositories are useful.

    We compile it up on Linux and Windows. Our Linux installer is a tar-ball and our Windows installer is a wizard-installer made by NSIS. We are definitely putting in a Continuous Integration server (Jenkins or similar, not in place yet). Our application is built with qmake and gmake or nmake. It is distributed by our website and licensed to end users.

    When it comes to a tool to help deployment, we're looking for something that would help manage the artifacts that come through our CI server system. We looked at tools like Artifactory, Nexus, and Archiva.

    As I've evaluated those tools, they each look very strongly tied to Maven. Maven is not our build tool, nor is our application depended upon by any libraries. Our specific desire is to help manage so many builds that come out of our build system.

    Is an artifact repository something that is helpful to us? Is there a tool to manage build artifacts that is better designed for us QT'ers?

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