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OpenGL changes in QT from QT 4.72 to 5.2?

  • Hi,

    i was wondering if there were some major changes in the way OpenGL worked when used in QT? Im asking because i got a project at university where i work together with another guy (all students, so not that serious but still) that does the graphics and we wanted to move from qt 4.72 to 5.2 but suddenly the graphics were off. the graphics consist basically of a mouth that gets animated over a background that is just a number of frames repeat over and over again. Only the coordinates of the mouth get somehow transformed (i dont do the graphics, just not 100% trusting the graphics guy^^).
    When switching to 5.2 the coordinates apparently were somewhat wrong. My coworker allegedely fixed (it works again but not sure his reasoning is right) this and told us the coordinate axis used by opengl changed from qt 4.7 to 5.2.
    Is this true? i was not able to find anything suggesting this (and it would be a major issue for almost any opengl program written with qt).

    Thank you for any help :)

  • Moderators

    It's hard to tell without more info. How are you using OpenGL with Qt?

    If you use direct calls to OpenGL API in eg. QGLWidget then the answer is no - Qt didn't change OpenGL implementation of your graphics driver ;)

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