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How to show on a map, where events took place?

  • Hi, I am new to QT.
    My task is to create a program, which will show on a laptop places where some events happened. There is an Excel (or simple *.csv) file where all events are described (one event is a row). Two columns show GPS coordinats (latitude and longitute).
    Which program suits better the task: QT, Visual C#, Eclipse or something else? Where is easier to find suitable example?

  • Hi,
    Your question is not really easy to answer. What experience do you have? What kind of IDE do you normally use and what kind of interface do you need to e.g. GoogleMaps etc and what kind of program do you need, Windows/iOS/Android/Linux ?
    Eclipse btw is just an IDE, not an toolchain/workset.

  • Hi Jeroen, thank You for the answer.
    Normally I program HMI with specific IDE, use C# and C. Not sure, what kind of interface is needed. The program is suppose to use by somebody, to check events. What and where it happened. Don't know will be it GoogleMaps or something different (should be a free to use map). Operating system for the beginning, is Windows.

  • Google maps and Bing maps have APIs. You can use them to place markers on maps, and add text to the markers. It sounds like it might work for you. I think Google earth does also.

    Also look into slippy maps / open street maps and the many offshoots thereof.

    There's a library called QMapControl and one called MapGraphics which could be helpful.

  • Thank You dear ScottR, which program do You recommend for general developing?
    What is better Visual Studio or QT?

  • [quote author="wlederer" date="1397545486"] which program do You recommend for general developing?
    What is better Visual Studio or QT?[/quote]

    If you are already familiar with Visual Studio I would recommend downloading the Qt addin on the download page and keep using visual Studio to program for Qt .It would be less of a learning curve :-) But If you plan to fall in love Qt you should sure go all the way and use Qt Creator .It doesn't bite !

  • I use VS and the Qt addin. I have experimented with using creator only, but I'm currently working on an existing VS solution with over 500 sub-projects and converting all that is not something I am interested in doing :-)

  • Thank You very much for the replies.
    I tried Bing maps. They suppose the use of Visual Studio with online map service from Bing (please, correct if this is wrong). I installed Visual Stidio 2012 Express for desktop, installed package from Bing, added references for Bing maps, then added the registered key from Bing and tested.The connection to Bing did not work (Firewall?).
    Is it possible to use Bing maps without being connected to internet?
    Found another solution: Marble map ( Does it suit the goal?
    Regards, Waldemar

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