Exception thrown for QStringList & QList.

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    I keep getting this no matter the list format I try to put the data from the .zip file in. I am at a loss as to stop this exception from firing. Oh this exception only happens in Debug, in release everything is fine.

    @QuaZip QOverrideZ(pState->vecDORs[0].qsOverrideLocation);
    if(QOverrideZ.open(QuaZip::mdUnzip)) // Attempt to open it
    QStringList QOverideList = QOverrideZ.getFileNameList();
    if(QOverideList.size() > 0) // Make sure files are in the zip.
    QString stest;
    QuaZipFile QZFile(&QOverrideZ);
    stest = QZFile.getFileName();
    w->WriteToDebugBox(QString::QString(stest), false, w->TEXTColor::tRed);
    for(int i = 0; i < QOverideList.size(); ++i)

                        w->WriteToDebugBox(QString::QString("... No files inside of Zip."), false, w->TEXTColor::tRed);

  • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12356684/qstringlist-of-quazipgetfilenamelist-casts-error-by-destruction

    Actually just found this, it looks to be that I am having a debug / release dll issue. Does anyone know how to make it so I don't need to switch between the release and debug .dll manually everytime?

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    Your best bet is to ask the QuaZIP authors how they do it. It's not a Qt issue, per se.

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