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[solved] Going through the links (<a> tags) in a QTextEdit

  • I have a QTextEdit in which the user can insert text and links (<a>, anchors). I need a way to loop through the links entered by the user and also to know their context (the text before and after every link). I tried going through all the QTextBlocks in the corresponding QTextDocument and use the QTextBlock::text() method but what I see are the lines in the QTextEdit and the links are converted to plain text. What I want to do with the links is to make a function similar with QTextEdit::toPlainText but which prints links in the text in a different way, such as {{}} (between two {{ and }} for example).

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    An ugly regexp might do the job:
    auto text = textEdit->toHtml();
    QRegExp exp("<\sa\s+[^>]href\s=\s\"([^\"])\"\s>(.)<\/\sa\s*>");
    text.replace(exp, "{{\1}}");

  • Thank you. Your code worked well. I also used this statement

    before this one:
    @text.replace(exp, "{{\1}}");@

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