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How to make QFileDialog return a directory or a filename in one method

  • Hi,

    Just got into a problem wherein I need to select a file or a directory using QFileDialog. There are existing static methods like getExistingDirectory() and getOpenFileName(), however, they work separately. How can I make QFileDialog support both behaviors in one method?


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    AFAIK, you can't do that without hacking Qt's sources yourself. Building the dialog yourself would not help since there's no mode (see setFileMode) that correspond to what you need.

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    This is an unusual thing to do.
    What's your usecase for that, because I don't think it would be intuitive for a user. Maybe something else would be better here?

  • I'm creating an IDE for a work "stuff" (let's call is stuff).
    In here, a project can be a file or a folder [the usecase].

    I made a simple workaround using pyside:
    @#!/usr/bin/env python
    from PySide import QtCore, QtGui

    class FileDialog(QtGui.QFileDialog):

    def __init__(self, *args):
        super(FileDialog, self).__init__(*args)
        self._selected = ""
    def _onCurrentChanged(self, path):
        # path becomes empty when file is selected
        # triggered twice
        if path:
            self._selected = path
    def accept(self):
        super(FileDialog, self).accept()
    def getSelected(self):
        return self._selected
    def getFileOrDirectory(parent):
        dialog = FileDialog(parent)
        result = dialog.exec_()
        if result:
            return dialog.getSelected()
        return ""


    Could you pls verify it?
    Maybe, I'll try to rewrite in C++ later.


  • I had to do something very similar recently. The user could choose either a directory or a single file (importing maps into a situational awareness application). Some maps (OSM tiles for example) are most easily imported by choosing the directory they are in. Others (GeoTIFFs), by picking the map file.

    I didn't want to have separate "Import GeoTIFF", "Import OSM tiles", "Import ADRG", "Import CADRG", etc commands.

    I used a TreeView with a QFileSystemModel.

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