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Qt history (its beginning)

  • I have a range of strange questions...As I understand, there were no modules (qtcore, qtgui and etc) at the beginnig of qt history and it was smth like a collection of classes, methods, right? So, if there were some tools for 2D graphic before opengl support? If yes - is it correct to call them native and openg - alternative to them?

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    It's more commonly referred to as "raster".

    For example on Windows it would use GDI or GDI+. Years ago GDI was a purely software based rasterizer and then it got some level of hardware support.

    OpenGL is an API that also can be implemented in software and hardware. For example around OpenGL 2.0 a lot of lower end GPUs used software vertex shaders implemented in the driver.

    So in a sense, both of these are "native", whatever it may mean. Raster renderer has just lower requirements.

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