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Best way to integrate a Qt Client with an MVC5 project

  • Hi,

    I'm look for the best way to be able to write a Qt Desktop test app and a mobile front end(android/ios) app eventually to integrate with a microsoft site. This is a green field development so i'd like to have a Qt avenue built in from the beginning. The technology of the web side is in MVC5 as that is the skillset which is already present at the company - beyond that there's nothing to tie us to a specific method as yet

    This is a security conscious solution as there will be sensitive data stored at the backend.

    All advice and previous experience gratefully received...



  • KDSoap and rest type clients are the 2 obvious ways to integrate i've seen...

  • Has nobody ever tried this? I though it would be a common requirement :)

    I'll be sure to share what my experimentation finds then!


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    If you have a REST service then you can also use the Qxt library that provides classes for that.

    Since these are sensible data, don't forget to use an up to date version of OpenSSL

  • Cool - thanks for that I'll take a look :)

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