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[QBS] How to link project references?

  • I had put our project dependencies as references. I am able to build them, but at the link time the linker is unable to find builded libraries (added to cpp.staticLibraries property).
    I had try to put the path in the cpp.libraryPaths, it doesn't works and as the output folder of references is generated it's not a good idea to put the path hard coded.

    I saw in documention that it's recommanded to put dependencies as Depends item, but I parsing issues of the qbs file.
    I don't understand what is wrong to use it like that :
    import "Dependencies/boost/boost.qbs" as Boost

    Project {
    Depends {name: "Boost"}

    Error :
    ASSERT: f
    File not found: "............\qtsdk\qt-creator\src\shared\qbs\lib\language\projectresolver.cpp

    PS : All my subprojects use StaticLibrary item, and I am using QtCreator 3.0.1

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