Qt5 and Ogre3D

  • Hi all!

    I know that many threads are already talking about that, but I still didn't find any solution... And I know i'm close to it.

    I made a very simple Qt Project to run an Ogre3D rendered frame through a Qt Widget. I made all I could, and the only thing that misses is including Boost, and I don't know how to do that in the .pro file.

    My error messages are:
    @C:\OgreSDK\boost\boost\system\error_code.hpp:214: erreur : undefined reference to boost::system::generic_category()' C:\OgreSDK\boost\boost\system\error_code.hpp:216: erreur : undefined reference toboost::system::system_category()'@

    According to my researches, those errors are dues to a non-linked dll... If someone is able to give me some help, I'll be grateful :)

    Best regards


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You need to link to the boost system library, add

    @LIBS += -lboost_system@

    To your pro file. If it complains it can't be found add

    @LIBS += -LC:/OgreSDK/path/to/boost/lib_files@

    Hope it helps

  • It seems to include Libs correctly, there is no error message added... But no one less too... It seems that nothing had changed

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    Strange, did you try doing a complete rebuild ?

  • I tried a complete rebuild, with the line you specified : @LIBS += -LC:\OgreSDK\boost\lib@
    Nothing new.
    I'm blocked on that step since 4 months... And I'm sure once this problem solved, Ogre3D should work correctly... It's a little bit frustrating!

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    You should use forward slashes for all platforms when using Qt.

    Can you check the various boost libraries to see if any contains that missing symbol ?

  • Hello, and sorry of being so long to answer.
    I already did that research, and this function is described in "libboost_system-mgw47-mt-d-1_51.a".

    I also replaced all my \ by / as you suggested. Still no changes.... I think I gonna kill myself TT

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    Looks like static library, try to link to it directly

  • And how can I do that?

    Edit : I'll Google it... But I think I have already searched about that and I didn't understand.... But let's retry

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