Integration of QT 5.2 with ITK 4.5

  • Hi,

    I am developing a project using QT and ITK to work on DICOM images. I went through the following steps for this

    1. download cmake and ITK 4.5.1
    2. include ITK into QT and then build using cmake
    3. create a new QT project and included ITK using cmakelists.txt

    I am able to include ITK libraries into my source code but when i try to run the project i get several errors related to "mismatch detected for '_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL' value 2 doesn't exist...." in various .lib files. Can anyone help me resolve this issue. Also for compiling i generated nmake files. Is this something related to visual studio compiler or is it a different compiler?. Also any idea which is the best way to work with dicom images for qt. (My requirements are like loading a DICOM image on QT GUI and capture mouse click events and then process the DICOM image at these places)

  • For the iterator debug level thing you have to make sure that all your projects are compiled with the same build type like release or debug.

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