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Best approach for multi window/multi monitor

  • I'm building an app where there is a main application that browses content. when the user choose to open a particular type of content, a new window will open to display/process it.. The user should be able to drag this new window anywhere on their desktop, across multiple monitors, outside the confines of the main window.

    But as a whole, when they close the main application, I will want to save the position of any child process windows, so that if they re-open, I can bring everything back right as it was.

    At first I was planning on making separate EXE's - each launched as an independent process, they communicate through the file-system or named pipes. But then I learned of the QDockWidget (this is my first experience with Qt) and saw that it could be positioned outside the confines of the main window.

    What would you all suggest is the most appropriate way to approach this?


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    Every QWidget object is capable of running detached from the main window. Just set it's parent to 0.

  • Interesting, thanks I'll give it a try.
    Coming from 18yrs of C++/MFC/WinForms I keep being amazed at just how easy everything is in Qt that I expect will be hard!

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    Well, there are some caveats in Qt, too ;) But in general it is easy, convenient and useful.

  • Being a VisualStudio/MFC/Winforms defector myself (I had a longer spell, I think you got away early with only 18 yrs) I really appreciate the multiplatform aspect of Qt.

    Like now, I'm coding and testing an MSSQLServer Qt app on my Mac in OSX. The users are all on Windows, but I think QtCreator looks/works better on the Mac, fonts, keyboard shortcuts, etc. When I want to deploy an app beta, I just copy the project (or use GitHub) to my Win7 machine and compile it there.

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