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QT Webkit strategy to show ADS in an app

  • Hi to all.

    I am developing and application for desktop where there is a selection of messages for twitter shown and periodically updated. This part of the application is done under QT-quick and works fine. Now the customer ask me to add on top of the program window interface a small area showing a rotating ad. He has a small html element that work in any browser.
    What I should do is to insert a region on the application that shows this web element, so ads are pushed from the ad server of the client.

    I ask if someone has idea of what can be the best strategy approach: with my actual experience I think to a small web browser area (using qml) where the only html element shown is the script for the rotating ad.

    Some ideas? Something best? Thks

  • It is heavy to integrate WebKit just for ads. But that is quite common since almost all ad provider use html and/or flash.

  • Mmmhhh... Your reply contains a little scare for me.

    The rotating ad is a little piece of html, and can't changed. I have in mind to add this as a z-layered object on top of the screen, using the integrated web browsing capabilities under QML. A small window that contains only this object. Is this possible?

  • That should be possible yep.
    I don't know if it is possible with the default WebKit element integrated in QML, but worst case you just insert your own QGraphicsWebView...

  • This means add a part of the function in the c++ area of the project ?

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