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Debugger breakpoints acting very strange.

  • Hi all,

    I am running Qt on the mac OS 10.8 and the debugger is acting very strange.
    I set break points and it works the first time. but after i stop the debugger and
    go back the break points are ignored and i can not get rid of them. I have to
    put another break point around the vicinity of the original just to have the debugger stop/break their.

    I am a noobe.
    I believe at the time of install i used the defaults.

    Is there any documentation or something i can do to fix this?

    Frank M

  • Qt still have debugging problem based on my experience. The problem here is that breakpoint symbols are not visible in the editor, this is some UI related issues as I guess. I think still it breaks at the line, hope they will fix this issue soon.

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