Choice between QLabel or qGraphicScene to edit and save an image after.

  • Hello,
    I'd like to drag-and-drop one are more icons on an image before saving a final image which contains this(these) icon(s).
    But I don't which is the better way to open this image to enable editing and saving: QLabel or QgraphicScene (or QPaint? )

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums,

    I would go for the QGraphicsScene aproach. There you have drag and drop capabilities available already.

  • Thank you for help.
    I have already drag and drop in my program, I can insert a icon in the zone containing image (using QLabel ) but I feel icon isn't directly pasted in my image and I think it will be impossible to save this image with icon over.

    I'll see what about QGraphicScene.

    Thank you Eddy.

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