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A silly QFile::exists() question

  • I'm just wondering it it's possible to use a function to check any file that starts with a defined name, like in linux. For example

    if (QFile("MY FILE NUMBER*").exists()) {

    By this I want to check if there are any files that start whit the name "MY FILE NUMBRER", since my program could create: "MY FILE NUMBER 1" or "MY FILE NUMBER 2" or even "MY FILE NUMBER 3" and in any of those cases I want my < if > function, to return true.

    I don't know if you get me, since I'm not a natve English speaker, so please, if you can't understand me, just let me know.

  • You should probably use "QDir::entryList()": for that. It understands * and ? wildcards.

    (Nothing wrong with your English b.t.w.)

  • Tanks, I'LL CHECK IT OUT

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