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[Qt/Linux/C++ in Berlin, Germany, starting April 2014] Case closed

  • On behalf of a customer I am looking for a Qt developer.

    The customer is developing a software product. The successfull applicant joins a very skilled and competitive team. His/her track record needs to match that level. Defining and documenting (complex) workflows and use-cases is part of the job. Strong written English is a must, German language skills are a plus. Alternative employment options: freelance, full-time, part-time. For freelance work, a significant amount of facetime is required.

    Pls. get in touch via email. Posting valid until further notice or May 16, 2014, whatever happens earlier.

    PS: Search has ended. (I will be in touch until end of next week.) Thank you very much for your support!

  • Hi,

    It's better to provide details about the company and also the email id.


  • Ansif, thx! Sorry, I was in a hurry.

    My business is Transformal GmbH, you reach me via (I am the sole share holder.) My own company detail you find at - Detail about the customer I can only provide based on a NDA, which I will provide via fax based on your resumee and verification of references. - The customer is a small VC-funded business. It is well funded and run professionally. I can recommend it, both as an employer as well as client. I would even say, it is worth considering relocation, which is why I also post here. They are, however, rather demanding as for the your track record. But they will be glad to meet their end of the bargain,if they find who they are looking for.

  • Thank you for your nice and detailed reply. I will definitely mail you :).

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