[Solved] [Question] [Qt with BBOS10] Error "Found Legacy BlackBerry Signing Keys" but they are up2date

  • After searching the Web I have a found a Solution that works for me:

    In Momentics, I unregistered and re-registered all single Signing Keys and Debug Tokens.
    Now it works. But now i have another Problem. Error: "Cannot determine API level Version.". Need to check this out now.


    Problem is in the Description.

    Software used:
    Qt 5.2.1
    Qt Creator 3.0 latest Official and 3.1.0 Build 226 Master Snapshot

    Keys are in the correct Folders and everything else works. Debug Token is also fine. Is it a Bug or a incompatibility as even the latest NDK is based on Qt 4.8.5? I updated the Keys 20 Minutes ago - the second Time today. No Problem from within the Momentics 2.0 IDE.

    Any Hint? Workaround? Is Qt unusable till BlackBerry Upgrade to 5.x?


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