New Qt Cloud Services Released: Cloud Console, Managed WebSocket and more!

  • Hi!

    We have just released major update for Qt Cloud Services. This update includes:

    I hope you enjoy these updates!

    Product Manager, Qt Cloud Services

  • Eagerly awaiting realistic pricing options for Enginio storage and network transactions. Currently, I don't see any options other than free (limited to development workloads) and $150/mo.

  • We'll announce the pricing soon. We are currently working on management console update to display current cloud usage statistics. The pricing should be announced very soon after this update.

    Just being curious; what is realistic in your opinion?

  • Okay great,

    I don't mind paying a little extra for data storage and transactions that are nicely integrated into QML, that saves me some headaches, but they have to at least be in the ball park of comparable services.

    Based on Google's simple pricing plan example ...

    In this example, we show a simple scenario that might apply if you are just getting started with Google Cloud Storage.

    Suppose you have the following storage usage pattern in a given month:

    50 GB of standard data storage, from the first day to the end of the billing month.
    10 GB of network egress (Americas and EMEA). (Ingress is free.)
    10,000 total PUT/POST, GET bucket (list), GET service requests, Class A operations.
    10,000 total GET object and HEAD requests, Class B operations.
    Your bill for the month would be calculated as follows:

    50 GB standard storage at $0.026/per GB: $1.30
    10 GB of network egress at $0.12/per GB: $1.20
    10,000 Class A operations at $0.01/per 1,000 operations: $0.10
    10,000 Class B operations at $0.01/per 10,000 operations: $0.01
    Total for Simple Pricing Example: $2.61

    I would be happy if I could get similar service for around $5/mo

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